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We are here to support, listen, nurture and help guide you into a life path that feels more aligned, peaceful, freeing and authentically yours! 
Our time together is focused on the area(s) you feel most drawn to becoming more clear on in your life.  This may be work, relationships, or to one's own self
Our vision is to help lovingly and openly support your dreams. We do this through a variety of practices such as meditation, talk, trauma healing, yoga, energetic, and somatic practices.  There is no need to have any prior experience in any of these practices to work with us and you can book the one below that feels like it's calling to what your needs are during your stay with us.
We can see you for as many sessions as you'd like while you're staying with us at the retreats and welcome you back if you're local or offer virtual calls for ongoing support if you live further away.

We mostly wish for you to know that the healing journey you embark on can be one where you feel supported, loved and cared for along the path.  We're here to do just that.  Namaste.

Meditation Teacher, Yoga, Sound Bowls, Personal Growth Coach

Epigenetics Coach, Men's Work, Shadow Work, Spirituality


Jon Doe


Ember is licensed as a meditation and yoga instructor and also serves as a personal growth coach


When not teaching, Ember also serves as a mentor to other yoga/meditation teachers.

Ember strives to support her clients with love, compassion, non-judgment and kindness as they work together in
co-creating a space for healing and growth.

text Ember at 737-999-2828 to schedule a session during your visit


Jon Doe


Jeremy specializes in Men's Work, Shadow Work and Relating to God.  He is a licensed Apeiron Epigenetics Coach and has a Masters in Education. 


Jeremy takes a grounded, holistic approach that is trauma informed and focused on developing individual abilities and sovereignty. He works with a mind-body map to explore epigenetics and spiritual growth.

text Jeremy at 210-687-8297 to schedule a session during your visit

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